Friday, October 17, 2014

CS to Feature a Student Every Week

Hello all,

Here at the School of Computer Science we are excited to announce that we will be featuring a student every week. We are very proud of our students and want everyone to see what CS is all about, our students.

So here we go with our inaugural post:

Mamta Yadav – Ph.D. in Computer Science
Mamta is from the Indian province of Rajasthan, a hill station in the north-west part of the country. When she was a little girl, Mamta dreamt of becoming a medical doctor. She inherited a love for mathematics from her dad and was so talented in computer science that after solving many problems for her teachers, they encouraged her to pursue engineering. She received a very high score on the regional placement test, which opened the opportunity for her to go study Computer Science at Rajasthan University. She was convinced it was the right track when she got the chance to work on the university web portal.
After receiving her B.E. there, Mamta followed the advice of her father and her spiritual teacher and came to the U.S. to pursue further her education. She completed her M.S. in Computer Science at Oklahoma City University and after a year working in the industry, she decided to go back to school to complete her lifelong dream: getting a doctor title. She joined OU as part of the School of Computer Science Ph.D. program in Fall 2010. Mamta is currently conducting research for her dissertation under the supervision of Dr. Krishnayan Thulasiraman. She focuses on community detection in network science.
Mamta originally chose to come to Oklahoma because she wanted to study in a peaceful environment. She enjoys the close-knit community and feels like the OU School of Computer Science is a family. According to her, the faculty and staff members are always very helpful and focused on maximizing the students learning experience. Mamta also appreciates all the opportunities that have been offered to her within the department. Working with Dr. Thulasiraman, for example, allowed her to participate in the writing of his new book. She is also very involved in the Computer Science Graduate Student Association for which she was president of the organization in the academic year 2013-14. Her position as a teaching assistant for many CS classes throughout the semesters also convinced her to pursue a career in academia upon graduation.

Mamta puts her skills to good use by volunteering for the Divyajyot Cancer Research Foundation founded by her spiritual teacher. Mamta speaks fluently Hindi, Gujrati, and English. She enjoys writing poems and articles, meditating, cooking and singing.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Hitachi Distinguished Lecture Series- Cancelled

The Hitachi Distinguished Lecture for tomorrow has been cancelled.

Paycom Lunch

Paycom will be joining us today for lunch and a Tech Talk discussion covering Mobile Development. I hope everyone can join us.

Friday, September 12, 2014