Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Dr. Deborah Trytten Earns Regents Award for Superior Teaching for 2011

Dr. Deborah Trytten receiving Superior Teaching Award
The Regents' Award for Superior Teaching was established June 6, 1963 with the first awards presented in the spring of 1964.  Originally, the award was given to three individuals each year.  In 1965, the policy was amended to provide a maximum of five and a minimum of three awards each year.  In 1978, the awards were expanded to include superior accomplishment in any of the following:  Teaching, Research and Creative Activity, Professional and University Service, with a miximum of nine awards in one year and with the understanding the majority of the awards will be given for superior teaching.  In 2010, the awards were limited to one recipient each year for Teaching, Research and Creative Activity and Professional and University Service.

Dr. Trytten received this award in recognition of her many years of excellent service as Undergraduate Liaison for the School of Computer Science, her mentorship of students and new faculty members, and her teaching contributions in lower division courses.

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  1. Congradulating for Dr.Trytten
    I graduated in OU 1994, I was benefit from for her Computer Graphic course,
    Nice to know the reward for her. She did a good job !!!